Friday, October 24, 2008


I sure have great looking grandikids. Hope you like their pictures.

OK everyone: It's time to know whom to vote for. Do you? Why not? If you want socialism, and redistribution of wealth, higher capital gains taxes, taxing small business owners so we cannot possibly grow nor hire more people. Does Obama want us to go to his ways. His ways have been embodied into his brains by such people is Bill Ayres (unrepentent terrorist who got off on a technality, even though he admits bombing our gov't buildlings, and wishes he had done more. Reverend Wright of course is Reverend WRONG. I really don't want a president who believes in black values. We should all have the same values, and if some people AND FAR LEFTIES don't, try fitting into our countries' values and capitalism, they should move with Obama to Iran where it's a tiny country and "there are no real threats." Bill Ayres still thinks he should've bombed more! I say: Obama why don't you just move to Iran. Afterall you said "Iran is a small country with no real threat" Pretty idiotic! IF YOU GO BACK TO OBAMA’S EARLIER DAYS, SHOWING EVEN THEN HIS TIES TO RADICAL PROFESSORS, FRIENDS, SPIRITUAL ADVISERS, Etc., HE STATED THAT HE WILL SHOW IN DETAIL HIS TIES TO REV. WRIGHT FOR 20+ YRS (which we all know) HOW HE WAS PARTICIPATING WITH THIS MAN, AND NOT FOR THE REASONS HE STATES! HE HAS UNCOVERED MORE OF OBAMA’S RADICAL LEADERS AND WE WILL SEE THINGS THAT NO ONE IN THE MEDIA IS WILLING TO PUT OUT THERE Listen to the news. Please listen.
Doesn't this candidate understand we are a capitalistic society founded on freedom of religion. People left their countries in order to worship "how, where, or what they may".

What about ACORN..Voter fraud!!!! look how much money Obama gave to acorn after sitting on its board. Acorn employees are out registering illegally, and there is no time now to correct this.
Acorn should be called "Burncorn" There is so much scandal on his ticket that his own running mate has blown him in with his big mouth. Obama lied over and over about his associatioins with all these terrorists. So funny that his story keeps changing. "OH, Ayers is just another guy in my neighborhood. SURE! He has been your mentor for 20 years. I guess you can see I have strong opinions. When grandma has a right wing rant, it just means she's awake. Maybe after this election, i'll have some peace about who is going to win, because I don't really like the idea of strangling my husband who oposses my views in many cases.
see y'all later.......deb,gramma& aunt

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gramma Deb's summer events

Moonbeam is Kim's nickname for me. I call him Hawkeye. So gramma gets on the plane Thursday to go with her family to the temple. This was a very special event for me. It was especially wonderful to have my parents (who are really really really old) and my daughter who is really really a talker and my brother who doesn't sweat his gizzard. If this looks like I'm talking in a different language I am. This is FlammSpeak. The Flamm Damily had the best weekend ever. The Happy Hoppie kids are the greatest in the world, including my R.J. & E.T. Carrera & Jason's wedding was a blast and so was the Morro Bay Family reunion. I thought you'd all like these pictures.


Thought for the day: Two great commandments, love God & love your neighbor. I love you all

Deborah Kurpjuweit.

Political thoughts

McCain/Palin. Don't forget to vote. They are the obvious winners, so be part of this historic event. Do you think we should call Todd Palin, the first Dude? Or, do you prefer second gentleman. Todd says "just call me Todd" Everyone's talking about how beautiful Sarah is; but have you looked at Todd, and that gorgeous Cindy McCain. Their new fashion is the best reason to vote for them: We have the Babe on our ticket, says Rush Limbaugh. Go USA.